As a community of believers we are the body of Christ. We are in partnership with each other. Just as in the human body, the knee needs the eyes, the brain, the toes! As we’ve declared for many years: Jesus is Lord, the devil is defeated and together can make a difference; this is the Kingdom way! 

Partnership is so powerful that satan’s rebuttal to this is division. He wants to bring difference, division, strife. A house divided can not stand, partnership makes every house powerful! Through partnership the Lord provides exponential power…one can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight! Jesus said if two of you shall agree, touching anything it shall be done; this is that exponential power! 

Partnership is Gods way in the Kingdom. Even the Apostle Paul had partners; he had people who ministered to him in a financial way, he commended the people in Philipi because they were his partners (Philipians 4:15-18).

Partnership is:

  • Powerful
  • Makes us indestructible by the devil
  • A great display of the Kingdom
  • Declares the unity of the Body of Christ